Sunday, 15 January 2012

Solo Queue

When will people learn how to solo queue? It's seriously fucking easy.

Pick faceroll champions with low skill cap that you KNOW will win. Stop picking fucking Lee Sin and Ezreal and Leblanc. It's fucking disgusting how bad my team comps in solo queue are lately and it's purely because people like playing champions that they take skill. Yeah, great, you can play a champ that needs skill but what good is it if we lose? It doesn't prove anything, you just look like a fucking retard and you've lost elo. You trying to play champions that you're not good enough to play is costing you and others elo because you're too stupid to realise "You know what? I'm shit at this game - I can't play these champions. Let's just stick to faceroll." Faceroll champions win games and get you elo for so little effort.

Maokai. Ryze. Morgana. Rumble. Kennen. Vayne. Graves. Sivir. Shaco. Nocturne. Annie. Gangplank. Irelia. Taric. Soraka. Sona. Tryndamere.

That was a list of the most faceroll champions right now. Buy those champions and play them every game and you'll either start winning games (assuming you can convince your team to pick faceroll champs too) or you'll keep losing because you're obviously so terrible that your elo is meant to be as low as it is.

I'm sick of my games being ruined by players who just can't play the champions they're picking. Honestly, is it so much to just swallow your pride and accept that you should be playing champions that you're more capable of? Believe me, being an 800 elo player who picks Leblanc, Lee Sin, Ezreal and Viktor every game is much less to be proud of than being a 1600 elo player who plays Ryze, Sivir and Maokai.

The moral of the story is: Know your limits!

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