Thursday, 30 June 2011

Unavailable Servers

So, today the servers have been unavailable all day and the EU site, for whatever reason, isn't giving out updates as to the problem in English. I'm not sure why they're only updating in French (As of writing this) but it seems a bit odd to keep everyone who isn't French completely out of the loop in regards to the server status.

Regardless, I've been thinking about Mundo today. I like Mundo a lot and he's great fun to play as one of those "medium DPS tanks". He's not Trinity Tank material because he has no burst but he has some nice consistent damage if he can stand around in a group of enemies. The problem with Mundo is that he's one of the easiest champs to counter - an ignite is enough to shut him down completely and an Madred's-wielding carry will rip him to shreds. It's a real shame because Mundo is one of those champs that doesn't really feel like any other - he has fairly individual mechanics (read: fairly - I'm sure you can compare him to another if you try hard enough) and he is more than capable of carrying a team to victory if he gets fed early game.

Speaking of Mundo early game... Boy, can it be a nightmare. As with all champs that are dependant on their ultis for survivability - Mundo, Tryndamere, Swain - they're very limited in what they can do before they get it and can end up being a very easy kill before level 6. This is very true in Mundo's case and more often than not, a bad Mundo player will be dead twice before level 6 and that's usually enough to put him behind so far that he'll never be able to snowball into becoming a real threat.

Mundo's tanking style basically involves him becoming more and more threatening the longer he's allowed to run around in a team fight - the team don't want to focus him but he ends up doing a ton of AoE damage, CC reduction and enough single target damage to make him hard to ignore. He isn't a CC heavy tank like Amumu or Alistar but he gradually becomes more of a problem as a fight and game develops but, as I said, if he doesn't get the farm he needs and doesn't get a couple of early/early-mid game kills, he can be very easily focused or ignored when team fights start kicking off.

I am going to stick with Mundo in normal games because he can easily dominate and faceroll over an uncoordinated team who probably haven't seen him played a lot before but in ranked, he remains a bad pick as far as I'm concerned and probably always will until he gets a big mechanics overhaul which might end up destroying what makes Mundo, Mundo (Mundo Mundo hahaha)

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