Saturday, 19 November 2011

MLG today

Half way through watching Epik vs Dignitas right now. Considering Dignitas had a total early/mid game team, they didn't have real advantage - they were barely keeping up with Epik and Epik's team is very much geared towards late game. Dignitas did get an ace mid game that was pretty surprising, especially as Epik had Baron but they gained very little from it. Epik taking a free baron right now, Scarra lining up to steal. Failed and died, almost taking Voyboy with him. That was funny. I don't think Dignitas will make it back from that mess. We shall see.

One thing I'd like to comment on is that Rivington commentating on what's what with the game for newer players is actually really nice. It's awesome that Riot want to explain how and why people do certain things. Some of the information (mostly what comes from Phreak, unfortunately) is a little bit questionable but for the most part, what they say is really good advice. I'd love to hear more of this and see more competitive tournaments being commentated like this. That said, I think Riot need to communicate with their competitive player base so that they understand the current meta-game better - a lot of "upper tier" players will be rolling their eyes and tutting at some of the things Phreak says - he really shows that he doesn't have that good an understanding of certain aspects of the game (Competitive, high level play in particular).

Also, Westrice Vayne has now carried to a point where they can't lose this game. It's very nice to see Epik playing at such a high level again - I'm sure NA players see them a lot but being EU based I don't see them often.

Shame we missed the end but Epik won game one from a best of three!

Nice suit btw, Phreak.

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