Thursday, 12 January 2012

Called it!

Honestly, I don't know why I do this because I'm pretty sure no one reads this blog but it's a good way of just venting my thoughts about the game so I'll keep going regardless - I post once every few months anyway so it's not like I'm wasting so much of my life posting here. If someday I become really e-famous in LoL, all my future fans can read this and be like "Wow, shit, he had such humble beginnings - he didn't even know he was going to be famous!". Well, you know what? If I become famous for LoL someday, I'll write this here and now:

Called it.

Anyway, on to the main feature... You know what I like? Watching Streams. I fucking love watching streams. When I'm working or anything, it's great fun to be watching the professions play and learn their strategies and builds and such. I'm not saying the pros know everything but if you're still learning the game (And let's face it, we're all still learning the game - even the pros), it can be a huge help to watch streams of the pros playing solo queue or even Riot streaming tournaments. On pro streams, a lot of the time, the more fan-friendly streamers will explain why they do what they do - this can be a big help for the new player and was a huge boost to me when I first started playing and made me a much better player. I'd say I'm at the point where I enjoy working out my own builds, strategies and playstyles but when you're not confident with the game, it's much better to learn from others and build on that once you understand the basics.

I like lots of different streamers for different reasons. Team Solo Mid are all fun to watch, can be really informative and communicate with their fans pretty regularly.  Watching them play together can be a really amazing thing when they're on form and they all seem like they're buddies and that's awesome from a pro team. I'd definitely recommend catching Reginald if you see his stream online and Dyrus (from Epik) is also fantastic and, regardless of the opinions of others, I'd say they were both really nice guys and great players.

In the EU, I must admit that I'm a huge fan of Wickd - I've been watching Wickd stream basically since he started streaming and although he goes through phases when he trolls and doesn't play as well as he's capable of, he's a great player and values his fans - for this reason, I'd say Wickd is by far my favourite EU streamer and he can be a great guy to watch for tips on playing a stronger top-lane - I don't care what anyone says about Wickd, I fucking love the guy (Better nerf Irelia etc).

GuardsmanBob has always been a fan favourite but, in my opinion, doesn't get the recognition he deserves. He might not be as awesome as some of the pros but he's a really nice guy - never rages or loses his temper with anyone - and explains everything he does for people who are watching his stream to learn new things. Right now, we're not going to see Bob at any tournaments or anything (which is a huge shame in my opinion) but he's worth watching if you want to be entertained and informed by someone a little more casual.

HotshotGG is a player I've always like just because he takes himself -extremely- seriously sometimes which can lead to some amusing situations. He rages, he can be an asshole, he's unprofessional with his team and plenty of other things but I just can't help but loving the guy. He always hogs all the viewers on Own3D because he was the most famous player for a long time and although he hasn't been on form lately, he's always worth a watch when he has his moments of brilliance (The kind of play the makes my brain hurt just trying to understand how he did what he did) amidst his recent mediocrity - the raging, however, is often very entertaining.

In terms of junglers, Snoopeh and Saintvicious are always worth watching. Snoopeh's stream is very relaxed, informative and he's Scottish so he's very charming. He's also a great communicator with his fans and frequently gives away skin codes via facebook. He doesn't get as many viewers as some streamers and honestly, I think this is criminal for someone as fun to watch. Saintvicious is very intense and similar in some ways to Hotshot (Which is why they clash so much in CLG) - he can be very elitist towards his team and so on but he is -fantastic- at what he does. If you want to learn to jungle, head over to Saintvicious' stream, grab a beer and pay attention.

Right now, it's late and that's all I can really think of but if you haven't delved into the level of obsession with League of Legends at which you watch people streaming the game in the few moments of free time you have where you aren't playing it, check these guys out because you won't regret it!



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