Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Oh, Riot... Why must you lie?

So, yeah, EU split currently in progress. We were told no more than 12 hours. We were then told another two hours.

Riot has finally realised that setting a time frame is stupid but that doesn't excuse the fact that you can't just throw out numbers to deal with an immediate problem because when people find out those numbers aren't true, they'll be much more annoyed than they initially were.

Bad Riot! Bad! No dinner for you!

Edit: I take it back. They haven't learnt their lesson from pulling times out of a hat and throwing numbers around. Supposedly, this will be done be 15:15. I, for one, am sceptical.

Edit 2: I'm listening to the Stream - they're giving out more stupid time scales for things coming back online and being fixed. I wish they'd realise that doing that is really bad. And bringing the forums back online during server downtime? Really? I'd keep it offline for a couple of days if I were you. The trolling will be awful.

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