Saturday, 9 July 2011

Queuing without a full team

How are 90% of players in League of Legends so bad? I really don't understand it. The amount of times I've queued for normal games with two friends and we've had the two worst players I've seen (Since the previous time I queued with two friends) who manage to be so bad that no matter how bad our opponents are, the three in our premade can't turn the game around. I'm sure plenty of other players have experienced this and it's starting to get very frustrating that two bad players can ruin a game for a whole team.

How do you even get to level 30 with no idea how to play this game? I mean, it's not like they were just bad at the champions they were playing, they made rudimentary mistakes that show a complete lack of understanding for the game and I can't help but wonder how one can play 100-500 games and still be this abysmal without having thought "You know what? I'm terrible at this game. I should stop playing."

This might sound like a rage post and I suppose it kind of is but at the same time, it's more a post of supreme shock and surprise - I'm genuinely finding it hard to believe that these people exist. I mean, the other thing is, they always instantly lock in on one of those champions who isn't a competitive pick and either dominates or feeds and feeds hard. Veigar, Twitch, Eve, Karma, Jax, Teemo, Kassadin, Ezreal, Pantheon are all common examples of this and you just have to think "God, why do you play this champion? Go watch a stream or check the Dreamhack replays - you'll know in a second the champs you're picking are bad with a half decent opponent and you'll know why they're bad." Genuinely, these bad players are discouraging me from ever wanting to solo queue ranked without, at least, a really skilled friend playing with me.

Take two of the games I had today as examples: The first one, we get matched with a premade of two (Probably meaning we're up against a premade of 5) and they waited for us to lock in - we chose Amumu to jungle, Ashe to take bot and I took Warwick to solo the top lane. We assumed they were waiting so they could pick based on what we picked but they suddenly locked in on Twitch and Veigar - two champions I'm always worried to have on my team because they can so easily feed - and as soon as the game began, said they wanted to lane together. "Twitch and Veigar in a lane together?" I thought to myself "This won't end well." and as soon as I saw they were laning against Rumble and Caitlyn, I knew the game was over.

They fed. They fed hard and constantly throughout the whole game, all the while shouting abuse at us in German as we attempted to give them advice and offered to switch lanes and so on. As team fights started to happen, Veigar and Twitch would constantly run off alone and get caught (They didn't even have oracles so I can only assume Twitch was deliberately engaging 1v5, thinking he could kill someone, always failing - Veigar was just an idiot), meaning we'd have to engage to try and save them. Often, Veigar and Twitch would manage to steal a couple of kills and then we'd get aced, which was even more annoying because it made us look bad as, yes, the whole team had a lot of deaths but Twitch and Veigar had some kills too. Incredibly frustrating.

The second game we played, the two were clearly a premade as they both had "BR" in their summoner name - clearly, BR is some sort of amazing "clan" that is so awesome, no one has heard of them. Have you heard of them? No? Oh, okay. I guess I was right. They both locked in instantly on Pantheon and Jarvan. Jarvan is a nice solid pick but Pantheon suffers from "Noob pick" syndrome in which only bad players insta-lock on him. We pick a pretty solid team, build around the idea that Jarvan would jungle, I would take top on Rumble, we'd put Caitlyn mid and send our Taric bot with Pantheon.

We get in the game and get "RUMBLE BOT" and "Rumble go bot me with Jarvan top" - Jarvan hadn't locked in with smite. Oh dear. Jarvan and Pantheon double laning (fortunately, they enemy team had no jungler either - Normal games <3) against a decent team comp was, again, not going to end well. We decided to have Caitlyn go bottom to be babysat by Taric and I would take mid on Rumble - not ideal to mid on Rumble but I'm a pretty solid Rumble so it was never going to be too big a problem as long as top didn't feed and did it's job. Simple, right?

So, Jarvan and Pantheon are constantly throwing themselves against the enemy tower - they get a couple of kills and a couple of deaths each but eventually, start dying more than they're killing. They have a combined creep score lower than I had on Rumble (And I was laning against Teemo - not the best lane to have on Rumble). Eventually, they lose their tower and both just start running all over the map, engaging alone against multiple enemies and then shouting abuse at us for not helping them. After about 20 minutes, we were in the lead on kills (Thanks to Taric, Caitlyn and I not feeding, primarily) but Pantheon and Jarvan had decided they'd had enough and the surrender vote spam began. We obviously denied them the surrender but then they both AFK'd on the summoner platform, moving from time to time to stop the AFK and called us all "insta-lock noobs" - The exact thing they'd done.

Obviously, we'd lost the game and it was because of the other type of bad level 30 player - the "Clansman" as I call them. Basically, the Clansman is a decent-ish player but because he plays with friends a lot and has a two or three letter tag before his name, he thinks he's better than you and he has the God-given right to speak down to you, play however badly he wants and blame you, pick whatever useless, shitty champ he feels like and still feel pro at the end of the game. Just because you have letters in front of your name, unless those letters are "SK" or "CLG" or one of the high ranking team tags, I'm not going to respect you because you've achieved nothing, you're just a try-hard kid with no skill.

Rant over.

For now.

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