Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I was not expecting that...

Holy crap! EU server stability news went apeshit tonight. We've gone from getting no information at all to being overloaded! I was literally overjoyed when I first saw the news feed on the EU site and after reading through the overview, FAQ and temporary queue fix, I actually think it's all pretty awesome.

Splitting the community in two has one huge disadvantage for me, though, and that's the language barrier it's going to create. Right now, the West EU server has a massive problem with no dominant language being universally spoken - obviously, English is going to be widely spoken and is to be considered the dominant language on the new server but the Western EU players (excluding the English) tend to have the worst grasp of English when compared to the Nordic and Eastern EU players. This is a problem for me as an English speaker - I don't know French or German or any other language for that matter, well enough to talk in those languages. Everyone in Nordic countries speaks English at a high standard. Everyone. Most of Eastern Europe speak about the same level of English as I expect from French/German/etc players too. But losing those Nordic players - it should be noted half of my friend list are Nordic - by default means I massively lose the chance to get a team of people who understand me in ranked solo queue games. For that reason, I'm likely going to be using my free transfer to head to the Nordic and East server - obviously, I'll see what my teammates are planning on doing but right now, it's going to be better for my gaming experience at large because the language barrier is just going to be so much less of an obstacle on that server.

Still, that's a pretty minor problem and frankly, Riot have offered me a free solution so I'm pretty happy about the whole business! I admit, I did give Riot a bit of a hard time lately but I never lost faith and I never resorted to outright flaming or abuse of them - those that did probably aren't happy about this solution either, though - but I do feel reassured that they do still care about us EU players.

The temporary queue fix? Meh. I'm not happy about it, of course, but what else are they supposed to do? It's pretty much the only option they have to fix stability and realistically, sitting and waiting for the "Busy" status to be revoked isn't any difference from sitting in a long queue or getting disconnected. It's not perfect but I can deal with it.

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