Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I was going to make this post a bit more positive and maybe wait a while to post it but currently the servers are busy and I can't get in still so I'm going to make the post now and try and avoid any "I can't play sadface" bitterness. I'm going to riff about LoL for a while and express my thoughts right now and see what comes out - I'm going to avoid server stability and Riot's lack of support as much as possible, I swear.

I'm going to talk a bit about Trinity tanks today. For those of you that don't know, a Trinity tank is a tanky DPS champion with Trinity force and then a tank build - they're pretty common and pretty popular right now and for good reason. If you can't think of any champions this would work on, I'll use Irelia as an example - she's considered one of the strongest at the job right now and, again, with good reason.

Irelia's base damage is pretty high meaning that building her as an AD champ isn't necessarily putting her to her best use - she has an ability that gets her in melee range, consistent true damage and a slow/stun to keep her in range and stop runners, helping your team grab the kills. The problem with this is, jumping straight into a group of enemies means she's very focusable and can go down very quickly if not built to take the damage that's going to be thrown your way. The solution is to grab tanking items to take that damage and the Trinity Force gives you a load of extra damage on her Q to get some nice instant burst off when she charges in, as well as on any abilities that follow.

That's more-or-less the idea behind Trinity Tanking - close in on a target, do some burst and tank the resulting damage. Jarvan IV, Irelia, Lee Sin, Blitzcrank and Trundle are my personal recommendations for the job but there are plenty of others who can do it to - almost all melee champs (Pre-nerf Trinity tank Eve was fun!) can be built this way, some are just better than others (First rule of building in LoL - just because you can build a certain way doesn't mean you should).

I end up playing a Trinity Tank quite a lot these days and I have to admit, it's a role I really enjoy. Jarvan and Irelia are both great fun to play with way - if you're solo laning on these champs, chances are, you're going to win the lane. Personally, for playing this way, I grab ArPen marks and quints, flat armour seals and magic resistance per-level glyphs and take a 0/21/9 mastery build - both runes and masteries are interchangeable depending on your preferences but this is a good starting point.

If I'm completely honest, Trinity tanking is not an especially hard role to fill. You're not going to be dishing out tons of damage and one-shotting squishies but you do a nice bit of burst and consistent damage and you'll be able to hang around in the middle of a team fight for quite a while if you're careful.

Anyway, I've finally managed to get in game after writing this so I'm going to go and see if I can manage to get through champion selection without being kicked from PVP.net! Wish me luck.

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