Tuesday, 28 June 2011

League of [Session Closed]

Let me start by saying that I love League of Legends and I love Riot. I really do.

What I don't love are 3 hour queues, constant chat disconnects that lead to "Session Closed" messages and my getting booted from the client and having to sit through the 3 hour queue again and a lack of communication to the point of it being insulting from the people who's responsibility it is to fix it.

I didn't want to start my blog with such negativity, especially towards a company and game I actually like but this is really starting to ruin my League of Legends experience and that of my team. We're getting really sick of having to juggle reconnects between people and, most nights right now, be unable to get a game. It's a shame that Riot feel they have to lie to try and make themselves look better, it really is. I mean, we know that the DDoS attacks didn't cause this damage. We know. But Riot still insists on pretending that the entire problem is down to that (Or at least, that's the only problem that they've admitted to, which tells me they're trying to imply that it's the only problem without coming out and directly saying it to avoid directly lying to us - something that is of course, just as bad as lying) and it shows such huge disrespect to the customers that it's really just not acceptable.

I'm not going to quit in protest, of course, because I'm a complete hypocrite but it's still frustrating and pretty much every player who knows a little bit about the infrastructure of a game like League of Legends (Unless Riot are using some third-world, slap-dash server set up - which wouldn't surprise me) knows that the problem is being caused by too many players and too poor a network of servers trying to support them. The US doesn't have this problem due to the time zone difference and the lower volume of players - I'm guessing better quality hardware and a consistent connection across the zone (as opposed to the lots of different companies and qualities of connection running through the many different countries of Europe) have something to do with it too. But, combined with Riot's refusal to communicate with the EU for anything other than dropping the odd champion sneak-peak or gloat thread, a lot of bad blood is brewing between EU players towards Riot. It's a shame that Riot are taking the stance that they are but, at least for now, it's something we'll have to live with and wait on until Riot fix it (Because I'm sure they will eventually).

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