Thursday, 8 March 2012


Obligatory tournament update post! (Sorry to anyone who reads this for not updating regularly, I just moved house and only just got net sorted - Regular updates coming soon!)

So, Hanover is going on right now and it's been awesome so far. I'm not going to go for a rundown of every match - the replays are up on the site - but it has been really awesome. SK did amazing and really impressed me because I'd totally written them off after Kiev - it seems that Dedrayon and Kevin are some much needed fresh blood and are really pushing the team forward. Ocelote is awesome and.. well.. it's Oce - he's an asshat but we love him. Nyph and Candypanda are really looking like the weak link in the team and, although Candy did some amazing plays, his laning his been very weak every game and Nyph hasn't done anything particularly spectacular all tournament. I think a new bot lane would really get SK recognised as a real contender once again.

Curse did great as well - they got hammered by CLG but up until that point, we saw the best performance from them so far by a long way in any offline event. TSM performed disappointingly to say the least - they're still my favourites, though (FK IT BAYLIFE) and I'll keep cheering them on. Generally, this tournament has really shaken things up so far.

As for who I want to win..? I'm going to say that I want anyone other than M5 win. I don't like one team to dominate the whole scene, it makes competitive play feel worthless and boring. It removes a lot of the tension and drama from tournaments. I want M5 to be knocked out in the semi finals and for CLG to take the victory (Because I love them almost as much as TSM). Sorry for the lack of support, aAa, but I'm English - I could never support a French team! (Note, this is a joke, I have nothing against the French and really enjoy watching aAa play, I just find them less entertaining than other teams).

Anyway, I'll post more tomorrow after the semi-finals!

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