Friday, 27 January 2012

Kings of Europe

Watching Kings of Europe right now on Own3d - - and it's pretty crazy so far. M5 are shaking up the meta even more with AP Malphite mid - that's so cool, I really love watching these guys.

Really good tournament so far, much more professionally handled than Kiev (Though, admittedly, it isn't a LAN event so it's logistically easier to organise) and the commentary is a lot better, mostly due to the absence of Phreak. I love Phreak, don't get me wrong, but the guy knows next to nothing about tournament level League of Legends to the point at which he's actually giving bad advice to new players during games.

Still, go watch Kings of Europe if you're not already. Tomorrow we'll get to see the first tournament play from too and personally, I'm very excited to see that.



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