Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I really am inconsistent with updates, aren't I? Those of you who aren't in the know might be forgiven for thinking that it's because I've got a life outside of online gaming and it sometimes means I forget to update this blog and don't have time to play. If only that were true. In reality, I'm just very lazy. Too lazy even to do things that I enjoy doing, like playing online games and updating the blog. That's pretty fucking lazy, right?

So, what's going on in LoL right now? Honestly, I'm feeling lazy so I'm going to open the launcher and talk about the first thing I see... Hold on a moment... Right what do we have to choose from?

"Get ready for the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship!" I'd rather not.
"Fansite Focus: Shoutcasting & Ziggs" Yeah, sorry, I don't care about fansites. This is a fansite that I run and I still don't care about fansites. I'm not about to publicise other people's fansites - mine doesn't get any publicity, anyone else who wants publicity can go fuck themselves.
"New Free Champion Rotation (Season Two: Week 11)" Not a lot to say about that but it is annoying that they wrote "Two" and used numbers for "11". That's just inconsistent, Riot, step up your game.
"Headhunter Master Yi Stalks the Jungle on Summoner's Rift" That'll do.

So, it's a slow news week at Riot HQ, it seems (I know IEM World Championship is big news but when I had the idea for this amusing blog entry, it wasn't there so cut me some slack) and I'm left trying to piece together something from the void. I've decided that I'm going to bitch about Riot's strange marketing strategy in regards to legendary skins (And I'm sure this Yi skin will be legendary given the stupid amount of fuss being made about it).

Now, I like skins. We all like skins. They look cool and it's a way of everyone not looking the same. That's totally fine with me. Legendary skins are pretty expensive, though, you know? I'm probably not going to fork out on a legendary skin for a champion that I don't play because it isn't viable. Master Yi legendary skin. Just let that sink in.

Master Yi is fun, I'll admit that, and I do like the champion. But viable? No. He is not viable. Like, at all. He works okay in solo queue, I guess, sure, but the sort of thing that we like seeing is tournaments, right? We're never going to see this skin in tournaments! Ever! And yet all those awesome champions that we see in tournaments all the time still don't have legendary skins! Why? Why is this? I might actually buy a legendary skin if Irelia or Gangplank had one.

Now, the one positive I see is based on something I said in the past. I said the legendary Valdimir skin was pointless, right before we saw Vlad being played a ton in solo top and him getting a big revamp that made him really strong and really viable. I'm hoping this skin is a sign that Master Yi is about to get some nice changes that make him totally viable again. I would love to see Yi being played once again, perhaps as a counter-jungle champion (That's what's big right now) or a decent solo top. Let's see what happens.

Oh, yeah, Ziggs was released. He's okay.

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